Keeping cool at home

So many people across the UK associate air conditioning with corporate buildings, shopping centres, planes, trains and cars. We expect to see air conditioning in hotels, apartments and villas abroad – so why not at home?

Air conditioning is something that can be easily fitted in most UK homes, and it’s not as expensive as you might think. It can make the difference between not sleeping during a hot summer and getting a great night’s sleep after a day in the sun.

And don’t forget, Air Conditioning doesn’t just offer cold air in a hot summer, the units can also heat your home in the winter.

Many of our customers contact us about air conditioning units for their conservatories. This helps them to tackle the heat in the summer and the cold in the winter. It makes a conservatory a room that can be used more often, at all times of the year!

What our customers say

"I was finding the summer nights far too hot. One morning I just decided to bite the bullet and find someone to fit my Air Conditioning. I'm so glad I found Advance AC, they were really easy to deal with, gave a great price and were really efficient at getting the work done. It's such a relief to get a decent night's sleep!"

Domestic air conditioning unit outdoor
Bob Davies
"We have a conservatory that had been built onto the house before we moved in. We've never been too sure what to do with it as it was too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. We hardly ever used it, and it ended up just becoming a dumping ground for the kids' stuff. Someone recommended Advance AC to us and we can't believe the difference. We're in there all year round now!"
Conservatory with air conditioning
Jackie Woods
"I hadn't realised that people have air conditioning in this country. I wouldn't book somewhere abroad without checking it had air conditioning, but I sleep at home in a south-facing bedroom and it's like a sauna! I found Advance through a work colleague and they were great! I can't believe I ever coped without it! Thanks to the team, you made it really simple and did a great job!
Air Conditioning Unit on house
Mike Stuart